My grill will not light and is not getting gas


There are several possibilities why a grill isn’t receiving gas. First, let’s address a liquid propane gas set up…

Equalize Gas Pressure

First, check to make sure the tank isn’t empty. If there is a proper amount of fuel, the regulator bypass may have been triggered. A liquid propane tank has a safety feature built into the gas regulator on the tube connecting your tank to the grill. This safety valve will not open fully until the gas pressure has equalized between the tank and the grill. If the burners are in the on position, gas is leaving the lines in the grill and the pressure cannot equalize.

  1. Completely shut the valve on the propane tank
  2. Make sure all the gas valves on the grill are in the off position by turning the knobs completely off
  3. Disconnect the gas hose from both the propane tank and the grill
  4. Reconnect the hose to the tank and grill
  5. Slowly open the valve on the tank and perform a leak test with a spray bottle of soapy water at the connections. If there are no leaks, turn on the grill

This will equalize the pressure and reset the gas shut off valve on the tank

Replace a Sticky Regulator

Another common problem is a sticky regulator. Test to see if there is a clog in the regulator by changing the hose from the tank to the grill. If the problem still exists, replace the regulator on the grill (if applicable). If a clog exists, you should see an increase in gas pressure when the clogged regulator is replaced.

Check for Possible Leaks

There also could be a possible leak. The safest way to check for leaks is by using a soap and water solution. If a leak exists, bubbles should appear at the point of the leak. The most common areas for a leak is at the connections. Check the connections at the gas source and connections made to the grill. A less common area is at the valve/manifold connection. Use the same soap/water test to determine if a gas leak exists.

If any other issues exist, please contact us to troubleshoot with our technical support team.

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